Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 6- Teacher's ethics

What are the potential breaches of the teacher's code of ethics?
This is a list of a few in no particular order.
  • Having inappropriate relationships with students (sexual, business partnership, “after school buddies”, drinking binges, etc)
  • Violation of clearly stated school rules and educational procedures
  • Failing to perform duties (no teaching, chaos, wrong attitude toward the teaching profession, etc)
  • Imposing on students personal views unrelated to the subject of a lesson or promoting such, especially some that do not represent the main stream (extreme political or religious views, views on controversial social issues, interest of a particular social group, etc).
  • Improper grading, partiality, and lack of fairness (based on who is liked, who is not; race, past performance, background, etc)
  • Exposing students to embarrassment or disparagement (emotional or psychological harassment)
  • Invading students' privacy
  • Engaging students in unethical behavior
  • Accepting gifts and favors, quid pro quo (“for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the righteous")
  • Deceiving students and their parents.

Week 5: Simulated Teaching again!!!!

Here comes the week 5 and its simulated teaching again. I was very nervous as my group will be presenting. First of all, I would thank my course mates for giving a good support in my simulated teaching. It was really good as we had lots of fun time. Thanks people.
After my group presented, there was the feedback time and I thank God as all of them gave positive feedback on our simulated teaching.
However I feel that there was still lacking here and there. As we all know, it is not easy to create a perfect lesson.
As we finished our simulated teaching earlier, we had time to discuss on an article entitled "Teaching Misbehaviour". The article was really interesting as we had the know on what we should do and what we should not do as a future teacher. It is important for us follow the teacher's ethics and we as future teacher we have to be a role model to the pupils.

That was about for the week and it was really interesting and I had lots of fun in the class.

Week 4 : Simulated teaching...:)

I am already in Week 4 and it is simulated teaching time. I was really waiting for the moment. We were really having a good time as I feel that all the group did a very good job. Mr.Fauzi was evaluating us and there were also peer to peer evaluation taking place in the class.

After each group has presented there will be a feedback session as all of us will talk on the group's weaknesses and also strength. As this will enable the group to rectify their mistakes and plan a better lesson for the future.

In the simulated teaching, I also realize that the lesson that my friends has planned is really superb and I could see the teacher in them. The lesson that they have planned was really good as I could see the creativity in them and they were really good in planning the lesson. I would also thank Mr.Fauzi for guiding us in doing the lesson plan. As there were limited time, my group didn't have time to present. Looking forward to present in the following week. :)

Week 3 : Lesson Plan Presentation

This is week 3 and there is so much to be done for the whole week. In todays class we presented on our lesson plan and Mr.Fauzi commented. Most of the groups did a good job in presenting their lesson plan. The session was really useful for us as we had the chance to correct our mistakes and do our best in our simulated teaching. Thanks to Mr.Fauzi.

In addition, I also feel that the session was really useful as we had the chance to exchange our ideas and share. Well, as we all know 'sharing is caring". I really had a good time as we had lots of fun.

As in the class, we also had short lecture on use of technology in science classroom and the benefits of using technology in the classroom. It was really interesting as we had a good discussion. I personally feel that it is fun to use technology in the classroom as it is not with the purpose for teaching the pupils but also for them to enjoy themselves. Students attention and also participation is important in teaching and learning process.

We were also taught on two important theories which are constructivism and also behaviorist. As a teacher it is important to know on which theory we are actually following and the reason for it. The class was really useful as we know the reason for doing those things and as a teacher we should know on why are we doing it. I had fun in the class. :)

Week 2- Designing lesson plan

I am back after a long time to update my blog. I feel that I just started my semester in UM and it is already like I am in the ninth week. Time is really flying and I am really enjoying the technology class. I realized that we can also use technology to teach science which I find will be really interesting. This is because we are in the 21st century which really needs the pupils to cope with the development that is taking place.

In this week of lecture, we were taught by Mr.Fauzi on the definition on certain terms and also there were introduction to media and audio visuals. I feel that it is important for us to know the definition of these terms as we should be aware of it when we are applying it in our teaching. After a short and effective lecture, we were given time to plan our lesson plan in groups for the simulated teaching. We were encouraged to use the technology to carry out the lesson.

As for my group we were discussing and we decided to teach on life cycle of animals. Well, we were preparing this for a short and simple presentation for the following class. I felt this was really useful for us as we will be able to rectify our mistakes that we have done and produce a good sample of lesson plan for the simulated teaching.

That was about for the lesson on the day. Overall I enjoyed the lesson and as time goes I starting to love technology.

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what am i to say? no words....hehe... will start telling stories soon..:p