Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 3 : Lesson Plan Presentation

This is week 3 and there is so much to be done for the whole week. In todays class we presented on our lesson plan and Mr.Fauzi commented. Most of the groups did a good job in presenting their lesson plan. The session was really useful for us as we had the chance to correct our mistakes and do our best in our simulated teaching. Thanks to Mr.Fauzi.

In addition, I also feel that the session was really useful as we had the chance to exchange our ideas and share. Well, as we all know 'sharing is caring". I really had a good time as we had lots of fun.

As in the class, we also had short lecture on use of technology in science classroom and the benefits of using technology in the classroom. It was really interesting as we had a good discussion. I personally feel that it is fun to use technology in the classroom as it is not with the purpose for teaching the pupils but also for them to enjoy themselves. Students attention and also participation is important in teaching and learning process.

We were also taught on two important theories which are constructivism and also behaviorist. As a teacher it is important to know on which theory we are actually following and the reason for it. The class was really useful as we know the reason for doing those things and as a teacher we should know on why are we doing it. I had fun in the class. :)

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