Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 4 : Simulated teaching...:)

I am already in Week 4 and it is simulated teaching time. I was really waiting for the moment. We were really having a good time as I feel that all the group did a very good job. Mr.Fauzi was evaluating us and there were also peer to peer evaluation taking place in the class.

After each group has presented there will be a feedback session as all of us will talk on the group's weaknesses and also strength. As this will enable the group to rectify their mistakes and plan a better lesson for the future.

In the simulated teaching, I also realize that the lesson that my friends has planned is really superb and I could see the teacher in them. The lesson that they have planned was really good as I could see the creativity in them and they were really good in planning the lesson. I would also thank Mr.Fauzi for guiding us in doing the lesson plan. As there were limited time, my group didn't have time to present. Looking forward to present in the following week. :)

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