Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 2- Designing lesson plan

I am back after a long time to update my blog. I feel that I just started my semester in UM and it is already like I am in the ninth week. Time is really flying and I am really enjoying the technology class. I realized that we can also use technology to teach science which I find will be really interesting. This is because we are in the 21st century which really needs the pupils to cope with the development that is taking place.

In this week of lecture, we were taught by Mr.Fauzi on the definition on certain terms and also there were introduction to media and audio visuals. I feel that it is important for us to know the definition of these terms as we should be aware of it when we are applying it in our teaching. After a short and effective lecture, we were given time to plan our lesson plan in groups for the simulated teaching. We were encouraged to use the technology to carry out the lesson.

As for my group we were discussing and we decided to teach on life cycle of animals. Well, we were preparing this for a short and simple presentation for the following class. I felt this was really useful for us as we will be able to rectify our mistakes that we have done and produce a good sample of lesson plan for the simulated teaching.

That was about for the lesson on the day. Overall I enjoyed the lesson and as time goes I starting to love technology.

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